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Research Fund 2008

MACPAD Awards 2008 Research Funds

Dr. Ray Stevens at the Scripps Research Institute was awarded $91,000 to complete his worktoward the conversion of his once-a -week injectible enzyme replacement therapautic to an oral pill form. The injectible enzyme replacement drug entered Phase 1 testing in 2008, and will begin Phase 2 testing sometime in 2009. The funds currently awarded are to be used along with a National Institute of Health grant to develop a pill form of the drug. Both forms of the drug will provide a replacement enzyme for phenylalinine hydroxylase, the enzyme that breaks down phenylalinine in the body and does not work properly in people with PKU.

MACPAD has supported Dr. Stevens research for several years and our Board of Directors felt it was important to fund the completion of this work. These drugs, currently called "Peg-PAL" could be a very large step forward in the treatment of all types of PKU.