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State of Ohio Newborn Scale Program

In Memory of Steven E. Sprague

This program was founded to provide comfort to the new families in Ohio by providing them with the tools needed to begin the PKU or another allied disorder diet.

Note from Shelly Cribbet, Chairperson, OH Chapter:

When my daughter Hannah was diagnosed with PKU, I was told that we needed to start her on a new formula immediately & that I needed to weigh it on a gram scale. I was upset, crying & my husband Rick & I didn’t know where to find one. Ironically enough we had a pediatrician appointment that same day & while we were in for our appt. the nurses located us a manual scale at Bed, Bath & Beyond. We used it for a while, but then we needed to get a gram scale & didn’t know where to begin. Well, we didn’t have to.

My dad, Steve Sprague, found us a scale, bought it & brought it to us. I thought to myself, wow, how nice to just have someone bring us everything that we needed. At that moment I decided that I wanted all new PKU families to have that same sense of comfort, hence began, The State of Ohio Newborn basket program. I began donating scales to the clinics of Ohio to be given to new families with the new formula, so that they could begin diet without the worry of having to purchase a scale. My dad took an active role in my new program. He would purchase or order the scales & then deliver them to me to send to the clinics. He, along with my mom Pam, has also had a key role in the multiple fund-raisers that we have held & will continue to hold to raise funds to keep this program going.

On March 9th, my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer & in just 20 days he lost the fight. A very thoughtful friend of mine knew up close & personal how instrumental my dad was in this program. His passing immediately pulled on her heartstrings & she knew that she wanted to do something to help keep his memory in the program. She & her husband made a generous donation turning “The State of Ohio Newborn Basket Program” into the “State of Ohio Newborn Scale Program, In Memory of Steven E. Sprague”, working with our MACPAD website allowing others to donate direct.

Rest in peace dad, your memory will continue to live on through our family, friends & now this program that you helped me found. Thank You! I love you!

Should you like to donate in honor of Steve, mail donations to :


48 Mann St

Cheektowaga NY 14206

Deborah Horner - OH Metabolic Nutrition Fund

Donations to the MACPAD Ohio Metabolic Nutrition Fund in honor of Deborah can be made by mailing the donation to the following address. Please specify the Ohio Metabolic Nutrition Fund.


48 Mann St

Cheektowaga NY 14206