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Baking With Anna - In Review

Central PA MACPAD Chapter

       On Saturday, June 2, 2012 the Central PA Chapter held our first event!!  We had a baking class in Denver, PA with the best baking teacher there is - Anna Weaver.  For an entire afternoon, she taught the attendees her secrets to baking low protein treats.  We jumped right in and started with the hardest item first, bread.  Some of us were surprised at the kind of ingredients that were used to make the bread.  Others were there to learn what Anna was doing differently with her bread because they had yet to have a successful loaf when baking at home. 

       Bread wasn’t the only successful bake good we were all fortunate enough to make that day.  Anna was kind enough to show us how to bake yummy whoopie pies (both chocolate and pumpkin) and maple syrup cookies our kids always go crazy for! 

       At the end of a long day of baking, we all left with huge goodie bags of warm bread, sweet whoopie pies and chewy cookies.  Every mom that went home that night was sure to be their PKU child’s best friend!!