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Noelle Bamonte


Delaware MACPAD Chapter Chairperson

Hello my name is Noelle Bamonte and I became the Delaware Chapter of MACPAD Chairperson and a Member of the Board of Directors in 2007.   I am the mother of two boys Matty and Tommy.  My oldest Matty has Classic PKU.  Matty was diagnosed with PKU a few days after he was born in Sept of 2005.    Every thought went through my husband and my mind; could we have more kids, could he have kids, would he live a normal life?  Could I cause damage to my son if I gave him something wrong?  Who else in our family would/could be impacted?  These questions are the reason why I want so much to be part of MACPAD.  I want to help individuals as they learn their child has PKU.  I also want to have a network of people we can talk to about funny stories, food recipes or how we can make their lives a little better.  No one is alone, and the first days and or year can be difficult as you learn and accept PKU in your lives. As my son has gotten older, we have conquered old challenges and have found some new ones!  Having this network allows you to learn what the future holds for your family, and it can truly be a very bright and positive future.


I grew up in Pennsylvania and then attended the University of Delaware.  I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and a Minor in Philosophy.  After working as an Accountant and AR/AP Manager for 10 years, I decided to become a stay at home mom to enjoy all the things I could with my boys. Once the boys started school, I returned to work part time at a local accounting firm.  I was also the treasurer of our PTA and now the treasurer of my sons’ travel baseball team.   Matty is a great kid.  He is so easy going.  He works hard in school and has been on honor roll each marking period. He loves sports and get involved with any activity he can find.  PKU is just a small piece of Matty.  MACPAD has given me so many opportunities to talk with families and learn about so many things.  I have made some wonderful close friends through this community that I would never have had a chance to meet had PKU not been dealt to all of us.   


The Delaware Chapter holds events throughout the year.  Events we have had in the past are Summer Picnics, Spaghetti Dinners, Day Out at the Blue Rocks, Fundraiser Events at Bob Evans St Patty’s Events and our Annual Golf Tournament.  We hope to continue these events so we can meet and help families with PKU in our community.  Please feel free to reach out if you would like to see a specific event in the Delaware Area.