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Jeremiah Widmer

My name is Jeremiah Widmer and my son Elijah was diagnosed with PKU in 2012. I still remember sitting in our geneticists office shocked and confused as to what our life would be like. I cried in my car because I wouldn't be able to drink beer and eat chicken wings with my son. On top of being a dad for the first time I was thrown this giant curve ball that Googling only made worse. That is until we found MACPAD. 
For me MACPAD was the life preserver that our family needed. To know that other families share the same experiences helped get us through that first year and more. 
Now PKU has become a part of my life that I'm proud to share and talk about to anyone who wants to know. And that's why being a part of MACPAD is so important to me. To tell those new families who don't think it can get worse. That it gets better and then some.