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Eddie Kasprzyk

Eddie has recently taken over as the Upstate New York Chapter Chairman. He is also on the board of directors for the Western New York PKU Association. Eddie, along with his wife Staci, are new PKU parents to a beautiful little girl Norah Charlotte. Norah, born Oct of 2014, has classical PKU. When first diagnosed, Eddie and Staci, like so many other new PKU parents had the same thoughts and fears, “this is horrible, how could this happen to us, what are we going to do?”  As the weeks and months went on, and with help of others in the PKU community, they realized that everything will be fine as long as proper care and diet are followed.


“The amount of support we received really helped us understand that we will get through this and things will turn out just fine as long as we’re there for Norah and making sure that she follows and stays on diet”. Eddie would like to give back and help those new parents in need, just like he was helped.


The Upstate New York Chapter plans to hold many events, such as walks, dinners, picnics and other get togethers in the near future to meet and help families within our PKU community.